Set Yourself Free

At Cresswind we value our overall health and wellness. We offer a variety of fitness classes, state-of-the-art workout equipment, aerobic training, nutrition & mental health programs
  • For more information about our fitness center, class schedule, and fitness center policies, click here.
  • We utilize a circuit training technology known as the EGYM. Use of this technology is unique to Cresswind and every workout is tailored to your individual needs. Learn more about the EGYM.
Get to know your neighbors and get involved! Through our numerous clubs and committees, we ensure that our residents have countless opportunities to build strong, lasting friendships
  • Learn about our diverse selection of clubs (click here) and do not hesitate to join in!
  • Our committees (click here) keep our neighborhood looking desirable.
Not only do we value the friendships and fun, but opportunities for lifelong learning are a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Find out about any upcoming learning opportunities by checking our regularly updated activities calendar.
Throughout the year, Cresswind hosts countless events that are sure to appeal to all personalities and interests.